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The factory is located in Kanchanaburi Province, 2-hour drive from Bangkok, Thailand. The beautiful peak of the Pune Mountain can be seen from where the factory is located. The location is very beneficial to our factory as it is in a centre of sourcing ingredients. We only use the best quality ingredients, many of which we source locally, to produce premium products.


We are committed wherever possible to source raw ingredients, products and services from suppliers. We remain committed to working in close partnership with our key suppliers in order to facilitate and enhance longer term and more sustainable relationships. We continue to develop our supplier relationships in order to facilitate and enhance our relationship with our strategic suppliers.

Production Processes


In our factory, there are two departments handling production processes, from raw materials to finished goods: Materials Processing Department and Packaging Department.

Materials Processing Department is equipped with modern fully automatic machines such as weighing packing and heat-sterilization machines. There is also a sanitary research and development section which is to check and control quality of products to ensure that only top and fresh quality products are delivered to customers.

Some raw materials are purchased from local suppliers in Kanchanaburi whereas mostly are from our own farm. Raw ingredients, from both local suppliers and our own farm, are all inspected by factory inspectors to ensure that only fresh and no defect are used in production.

Pursuant to purchase orders received from customers, fresh fruits are prepared for further production process which includes peeling, slicing, sorting, cutting, and filling.

After the fruits are put into can containers, they will then be filled with syrup and juice. As soon as syrup and juice are filled in, filled can containers will go through a few more processes which are:

  • Exhausting : remove air trapped inside the can.
  • Seaming : seal up the lid of the canned container with fruits.
  • Cooking : sealed can is heated to preserve the fruits inside the can.
  • Cooling : cool down the can before storage.

Finished canned fruits will be stored. Thereafter, they will be labeled and packed into cartons for shipping. Even though a purchase order is received in small quantities, we can produce, pack, and label by hands to serve your requests.